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How AlmaHire Referral Works


Browse through exhaustive list of AlmaBetter graduates.


Select and refer the right candidate for the job opening.


Referral bonus payout begins as soon as the interview process starts.

Phased Out Referral Bonus

Our referral bonus is phased out across different milestones and the payments start
flowing out as soon as the candidate progresses with his or her application.
Visit the My Referrals section to tracks your referral application status.


Here are our success stories

Ayush Kumar, Data Scientist


Ruchi Sharma, Data Analyst


Ayush referred Ruchi for the role of Data Analyst in his team. Ruchi being well trained at AlmaBetter got through the interviews easily. Ayush started receiving referral bonus payouts from AlmaHire as soon as the interviews commenced.

EARNINGS = Rs. 25,000

Sankalp Mehta, Chief Data Scientist


Gaurav Singh, Junior Data Scientist


Sankalp was building the Data Science team for a renowned startup and that is when he used AlmaHire to refer the right candidates for various openings. Gaurav being the right fit for one such role was onboarded quickly and started his career as a Junior Data Scientist.

EARNINGS = Rs. 28,000

Andrew Bernard, HR - Tech


Rishikesh Kumar, ML Engineer


Andrew is based out of Singapore and is a seasoned HR professional. He used AlmaHire to effortlessly onboard Rishikesh as ML Engineer for the Data Science team. Rishikesh being well trained at AlmaBetter, easily cleared the interviews and landed a job at his dream location.

EARNINGS = Rs. 35,000



AlmaHire is the placements wing of AlmaBetter training and placements ecosystem hosting portfolio of job-ready candidates available for immediate hiring by reputed recruiters across India.

AlmaHire offers phased-out monetary benefits to working professionals upon referral of AlmaBetter graduates. Referrers can audit the candidate portfolio including the resume, the projects and mock interview of each candidate before referring.


Our Candidates are employed by

Bulk Referrals


Why Bulk Referrals?

We allow only 5 referrals per user on a rolling period of 30 days. If someone has a higher number of job openings and wish to refer and earn for those openings, then Bulk Hiring is an option for them.

Who can use Bulk Referrals?

Anyone and everyone who wants to refer more than 5 candidates within 30 days time period can use the Bulk Referrals option. However, we have observed that users who are HR representatives or third-party consultants generally prefer using this option as they usually refer a higher number of candidates.

If you know about multiple job openings and wish to earn candidate-side referral bonus by referring our candidates for such job openings, then please contact us using the chat option. Alternatively, you can fill out the below form and our team will reach out to you.

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