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Why AlmaBetter?

Team Collaboration

Our students collaborate with gender diverse peers on real world group projects and build real AI applications.

Gritty & Creative

Our students demonstrate exemplary grit and creativity in classes, group projects and one-on-one assessments.

Pre-Assessed Candidates

Our proprietary Almabetter Placement Readiness Test assesses the employability of a candidate in the domain.

Candidate Diversity

At AlmaBetter, we give opportunities to students irrespective of their background, culture and gender.

Top Talents

Our rigorous selection test ensures that we attract top engineering talents from across the country.

Year-Round Hirings

Every month witnesses a graduating batch. This enables us to continue our placement drives throughout the year.

Companies love hiring Better grads!

Our graduates are working with fast growing startups, medium sized corporates and big companies. They have gone onto make a lasting impact in a multitude of roles and responsibilities. Since 2020, AlmaBetter has assisted 100+ companies.

Get Customized Placement Service With No Hiring Fees

With a new class of engineers graduating every month, AlmaBetter has an ongoing pipeline of candidates ready to join your team. Save time and money by letting our team source candidates for you, and hire our graduates with zero placement fees. Simply send us the roles and skillsets you need to fill and we’ll match you to a few students we think you’ll love within 48 hours.

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Science Consultant

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Analyst

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Engineer

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